8 Tips to Successfully Study with your Kids Around


As challenging as getting a degree can be, nothing is more demanding than a baby, when these 2 come together it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and think about leaving your career to focus on raising your kids.

But if you organize your time wisely and train your kids so they understand your study sessions your academic goals are reachable. It is possible to study and raise your kids, many women have done it, you wouldn’t be the first nor the last to do it.

Here I’ll show you simple tips you can implement in your daily routine to be able to study with your kids at home.

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1. Have your kids’ needs fulfilled first.

Let’s face it, if your toddler is bored he’ll come right away to your legs when you grab the books and pens, those boring stuff can’t get all of mommy’s attention!

So, make sure your babies are fed, clean, not tired, and have their favorite toys around to keep them entertained while you are up to your study sessions.

Also, you’ll have to study in small bricks of time, and give attention to your kids in the breaks. Talk to them and let them know that you’ll have to go back to study and will play with them again in a little while.

This could be a really good thing for both of you, they’ll later understand that you were studying, and it’s a beautiful example to give them.


2. Take advantage of Naptime

Ah, the sweet sound of toddlers’ dreams. You’ll have to use these moments of calm to get your best study performance, don’t dwell on planning what to study at this moment, don’t procrastinate “I’ll just check Instagram for 5 minutes” you know they won’t be 5 minutes.

Naptime is your moment to study without interruptions, if you can skip breaks or make them super short it’ll be better, maximize your productive time.

I used to take naptime to clean and thought I’d be able to study after cleaning, but guess what… You’ll always find something else to do!

And when you finally get to sit on the desk naptime is over, and they have energy for hours on!


3. Set a schedule and stick to it

As a student and as a mom having a steady routine is essential to achieve your academic goals and have your home in balance.

If you have a big test coming next month don’t wait until the last week to cram up on information! Study a little bit every day, get little study goals to come along the way, as a mom you can’t afford those cramming sessions of 12 hours straight of study!

Plan ahead all the topics you’ll need to cover and tackle each one at small study sessions through the day, it could be 90 minutes before the kids are awake, 60 minutes during naptime, and 90 minutes after they go to bed.

If you are consistent you’ll reach your desired results, play along with the time until you find the most convenient to your family dynamic.


4. Make it a habit

Kids love routines, this gives them a sense of safety, make sure they know exactly what to expect from you when you are in a study session. If you always study at the same hour in the same place, having your kids at a safe sight they’ll eventually get used to this habit of yours.

They’ll know that if needed you’ll be there for them and that you are giving your attention to something else for a few hours but between breaks mommy can play along.

5. Set up your almost perfect study environment

Have your desk with everything you need at reach, you have a really small department and don’t actually have a study space? Check out these ideas that could be helpful.

Can’t focus on your study with them running around, laughing, and yelling? You have 2 options, cancel the noise while staying in the room with them at sight, or go to another room and use a baby monitor.

  • Headphones: This is a great alternative if you can study with music, you can control the volume so it is loud enough to blur the noise but soft enough to hear a ‘something’s wrong yell’. My favorites have always been Skullcandy, these are wireless, have a battery life of 24 hours, also are noise canceling, and right now they’re 50% off!

  • Earplugs: you can use these to completely cancel the noise, but you’ll have to make sure to check up on the children with a quick look every once in a while, preferably have someone else at home, to be aware of the kids while playing. Mack’s Dreamgirl are specially designed for women, they’re super soft and at a very low price for the high quality you’ll get.

(image source: amazon.com)

  • Baby Monitor: this is the best option for your kids’ safety when you’re not around, you can have the babies and toddlers at sight from anywhere in your house while focusing on studying. This one is very high quality, what I like the most about it is the 2-way talkback option, you can talk to them if they need something while you’re busy; it’s also very helpful if you’re training your baby to sleep in his room.

6. Have people around to help

You can ask dad to have a day out in the park with the kids once a week, this will give you at least 3 extra hours to focus on studying, if going to the park is not an option, ask him to just play with the kids around the house for a couple of hours so you can study.

If daddy is not available can someone else babysit your kids for 2 hours? A family member? A friend? Or hire a nanny. Make sure you trust this person enough to take the time and unplug from house chores for a bit and just focus on studying.


7. Put in some extra work

You knew from day one this wasn’t going to be easy! But I know you have what it takes to achieve it, the simple fact that you’re looking for ways to be able to study with your kids at home is a hint that you have the motivation to do it.

You have to put in the effort, be disciplined; if you used to wake up at 7, now wake up at 5 and have 2 extra hours to study, change the Netflix binge for a study binge when the kids are asleep.

Think about the big picture, you want your degree and this is worth it, you’ll be tired and it will be hard just for 4 years at most, does it look like a lot? Break it down to seasons, 3 months of hard work, and then it is winter break you’ll get some rest.


8. Don’t be so hard on yourself

You didn’t get the grade you wanted? It’s fine, the fact that you made it to the exam being a mom/wife plus having a part-time job is a huge victory!

Focus on learning, not on the grades, take this opportunity to prove yourself that you can achieve goals that to others may seem impossible.

People will unintentionally discourage you, I’ve been told I was insane to even try to study, raise my kids and have a part-time job at the same time, that I’d get sick, that I should better wait until the twins were at school to continue my career.

Don’t listen to negative people, only you know your limits and your strengths. Only you know how disciplined you can be.

Be your own cheerleader! Cover your walls with motivational quotes, surround yourself with positive people, listen to inspiring podcasts, whatever ignites your energy to study, stand up when you fall, and keep going.

7 Essentials to set up your workspace in a small place


You fell asleep again trying to study in bed!

Will it ever be possible to have your own room to study?

You can either look for a bigger place with an office or go for the smart and money-saving option of adapting the space you already have to your needs.

Here I’ll show you great ideas to turn any corner of your small place a workspace.


*This post contains affiliate links

1. The Desk

This is the piece of furniture that takes most of the space at the office, not only because of the size but because you need space around to sit! 

Whoever came up with the idea of a folding desk is a genius, you can easily transform any corner of your home in a study space by installing one of these amazing desks.

It also comes with storage space, so you can organize all your stationery in one place, once you’re done studying you can shut it closed and the beautiful design can fit any decoration.

If you don’t feel like using a drill to install the previous one on the wall, here is an amazing option, it doesn’t have to be installed on a wall and you can move it around your department, wherever you feel like working.

Home office could be out in the balcony if you wanted to, keep the iced coffee and avocado toasts rolling! Work or study doesn’t have to feel like a routine at all even if you’re stuck at home!


2. The Chair

What if you have guests over at your tiny place? You’d immediately hide away the desk and… the chair just seems out of place. That dull cubicle-ish chair just doesn’t fit with your decor.

The best option for a small home office is to have an ergonomic yet cute chair that can easily be placed and used in the common areas of your department, more seats for the guests, please!

A great choice would be this beautiful modern, ergonomic chair, that could suit many decor styles. You fold your desk in and pull the chair in front of it, that’s all you need to transform the space again back into a living or bedroom.

If it feels comfortable and you can spend hours sitting it will work.


3. The Lamp

I can’t stress enough about how important is the right lighting when you’re studying! 

Has this ever happened to you, after a night study session, it’s 4 am and you’re so tired but you can’t get into a deep resting sleep? It’s the blue light! 

Nowadays there are lamps designed to be gentle with your eyes, so you can work for hours without hurting them, this is possible by making the light soft and stable.

The best lighting for night sessions of work is warm, and with this lamp, you can change the intensity and warmth of the light which suits all the moments of the day. Also, it has a USB port to charge your cellphone and saves space on the socket for your laptop.

4. Hanging Shelves

I don’t know about you, but I never have enough space for my books, plus they are so heavy (Hello, Guyton’s Physiology) that I wouldn’t even try hanging shelves.

But these are sturdy, they’re made of metal, and yet so simple that you barely see them there, it’s like the books are floating!  The only recommendation with these is to get your own screws and anchors from Home Depot because the ones included could be better quality.


5. Wall Cabinets

Living in a small space for example a studio as I have, is hard especially when you want to make a space your own and have all your study stuff out of reach of toddlers’ hands.

You can take the time to install one of these super functional wall cabinets and have your mind at ease, you won’t see kids running around with those flashcards you made last night.


6. Desk Organizer 

It’s amazing how much workspace you can save when you have it all organized in one place, this desk organizer has a home for everything you use.

Besides, it wouldn’t be your workspace without a little touch of shine, would it? I love the rose gold tone and the functionality this desk organizer has.


7. Drawers

It never seems to be enough storage space when it comes to notes, whether it is for school or work, paper and office supplies are always around, and it’s like they multiply!

With a set of drawers to combine with your small workspace, you’ll have everything organized always, you can label the drawers to easily find your stuff. Also, it has wheels so you can simply move it around to your comfort, or hide it away and have more space when the guests come.

And you can childproof it, by adding these straps, there’s no need to fancy assembly, no drill or screws needed. I’m always looking for functionality and safety, both for them, I don’t want my toddlers running around with a stapler or something worse; and for me, it’s not fun when some of your important papers mysteriously disappear.

No excuses

There are ways to set up your workspace, even if you live in a tiny place, I’ve lived in a studio with twins and daddy, while studying! I know it can be overwhelming at times, but you can always make a little corner all yours.

Take a greater look, having a small place will be temporary, and it’s not a valid excuse to not have your work done. You can be productive, you can find the time, space, and energy to make it happen. 


The absolute cheapest way to start your blog today for ONLY $21,10


Blogging There you are, looking at the checkout page, the promising $2.95 transformed into $106.20 because to get the great deal you have to pay for 3 years of hosting.

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The Cheapest Web Hosting

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In case you were wondering why is this so cheap, there is a difference between a shared hosting and a dedicated hosting, in a dedicated hosting you have almost unlimited resources, and your website is the only one on that storage place that is the host.

A shared hosting is like a building with several departments, your website has neighbors, other websites, you don’t have to know these neighbors, you won’t even notice they´re there, but the resources are more limited; see it as your first place when you moved out of your parents’ house, you had somewhere to start, it was small but it was your own space.

It is perfect for a first-time blog, for this reason, you’ll get the hang of the whole WordPress posting, the appearance of your page, writing, and publishing without the pressure of hundreds of bucks invested in it.


The Best Deal on Domain names

For a limited time on Namecheap, they are offering  .com  domains for only $8.88 the first year to get your blog running today! You only have to pay for one year, there are no sneaky conditions for the price.

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You’ll have to pay just once and have a full year to tell if blogging is your thing without having to invest so much money if you decide to continue the renewal is simply done from your dashboard or you can upgrade to a better plan later (when you’ve made some income)

I don’t even have affiliate links on this post because I was truly so excited to share with the world what I found that I couldn’t wait for the approval of my account on ShareAsale.

Edit (08/04/2020) Only 3 days after this post my account on ShareAsale was approved and now I can get a small commission if you use one of my links to get Namecheap’s amazing deal! 


Step by Step: Buy the Cheapest Website ever

  1. Go to the “Search Domain” bar on Namecheap
  2. Choose your super awesome domain name and add it to the cart
  3. A menu will appear below the domain name offering you the Stellar Shared hosting, add it to the cart
  4. Select Checkout and Apply your Coupon COUPONFCNC on the sidebar
  5. Fill in your payment information and register on Namecheap (if you haven’t done this before)
  6. You are the owner of a brand new website CONGRATS!

Create your Web Presence


Take Action Right now

If you’ve done plenty of research on this topic, and the idea of finally getting your own website excites you, you have to take the jump, you’ll never be prepared enough, there will always be things out of your plans; for instance, this wasn’t the first article I was planning to post, and I’ve been thinking about this for almost 4 months now.

But the thing is to start where you are with the resources you have and keep improving day by day. If you want to write, you’ll become a better writer by the 20th post; if you are a business owner and want to start building an online presence you’ll get the hang of it once you start doing it.

how to get your blog the cheapest way

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