Not an Income Report, but My First Month Blogging Growth Report



Spoiler Alert: I didn’t make any income my first month, this is just a growth report, if you’re curious about how much can a beginner blogger grow from 0 in a month then stay around…

*This post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through one of my links I’ll get a small commission at no cost to you.


How did I start

I’ve always liked to write, and when I found out that bloggers can actually make a living off writing about what they love it was mind-blowing. To be more specific, the one story that inspired me and made me consider that this was possible was Lauren’s from BossGirlBloggers, I’ve been following her for some time.

I feel very identified with her since I’m also a waitress and I’m really looking forward to finally quit my job, I’ve also dropped university (I was practically forced to do this, I’ll maybe share my story later) and I got back on track, this motivated me to help other women strive to achieve their careers and goals, no matter the circumstances.

That’s how I started this blog, it was actually a rushed decision, I had some ideas to write about in a notepad, but didn’t really have a structured plan to follow, I knew I wanted to do this and I kept on reading articles on how to start a blog, how to get traffic, income reports (my favorite) until I gathered enough information to start.

I looked over some keywords that interested me on Ubersuggest (my first attempt at SEO) and following advice from seasoned bloggers I wrote my first two blog posts, that actually weren’t the first ones posted.

I saw an amazing offer from Namecheap and I couldn’t miss the deal, paid $21.10 to get my blog, and the adrenaline rush of finally seeing my site up gave me the creative spark to write my first blog post, I knew that bloggers got some money from affiliate sales, so I’d give it a try, I recommend Namecheap service because it has been smooth from the first moment.


My sources of traffic

I am trying to focus only on Pinterest for now, it is huge for bloggers and I know it’s a great way to get traffic to new blogs, also I’ve always felt comfortable with this platform, spent countless hours scrolling, getting ideas, getting inspired, learning, that’s actually how I found out about the beautiful life bloggers can have.

I also was part of the Studygram community for a short period of time, around March when things started to get crazy and I spent weeks locked at home, I stopped posting on Instagram shortly after I got back to work, but grew a decent amount of followers (500); so I changed my username to and revamped my profile a little bit, I got a great response from my Studygram friends, not so much from the blogging community I have to put more effort on that later on.

I got 280 unique sessions, 340 pageviews, my Bounce rate is pretty high at 87.5% but I’ve read this is not a big deal when you’re just starting out, and finally, most of my traffic comes from Pinterest.

Pinterest strategy

I switched my personal account to Business account in July, not sure the exact date, but I’ll count my progress since August 1st since my business account didn’t migrate my previous followers, I started from scratch. I looked at what successful accounts had in common:

  1. Professional looking profile picture
  2. Keywords related to what they pinned about next to their name
  3. The bio has relevant information about why should users follow them
  4. Cohesive design on their pins displayed on the header
  5. Custom board covers

Once I got this covered I was confident enough to follow accounts similar to mine and wished they’d follow me back, almost half of the time it does happen, and it makes me happy because I feel like sharing thoughts with like-minded people, I like to follow College bloggers, Mompreneurs and Lifestyle bloggers, also everything I can learn from blogging and Pinterest strategies even though it’s not my main niche I love learning about that and it’s something I repin a lot.

I also optimized my boards with descriptions, enabled rich pins, and started using relevant hashtags on my pins, I think that’s when I reached my best performing pin. Also, the article was well thought and complete (it was one of the posts I wrote pre-launching) I have a freebie already designed for that post but wasn’t sure how to introduce it, so it’ll have to be an update.

Here’s a screenshot of my growth on Pinterest after a month. I can’t dedicate more than 10 hours a week to this whole blogging/creating/promoting, and I’ve been manually pinning everything, so I’m really happy with my progress so far:

I joined two group boards from the College Lifestyle niche to share my posts, I’m hoping to get in more group boards this month, what takes me to…

Goals for Pinterest

  • Get 100 new followers = 250
  • Join 3 more group boards = 5
  • Double my monthly viewers = 60K
  • Double my Engagements = 5K
  • Pin 30 of my own pins weekly
  • Create 2 fresh pins for every blog post


The Email Subscribers

I got 8 email subscribers and most of them came for the Freebie on this article about the Forgetting curve, which was the second-best performing. I haven’t sent the first Newsletter, but I’m planning to do this the 5th and 20th, 2 monthly emails, with my latest posts and something cool I’ve learned and want to share from my monthly read.

I have to admit I’m not really sure how to manage the email list, but I’ll be using the strategies from some Newsletters that I love reading and I’m always looking forward to hearing, these are from Thomas Frank and his ‘Tuesday Tools and Tips’ and Suzi from Start a Mom Blog.

My goals for this month on my email list are: reaching 30 email subscribers, I’ll try to get this by adding and promoting one or two more freebies and adding a page of exclusive content for my subscribers.


Final thoughts

August was a pretty good month, I learned a lot, I’ve grown a lot as a content creator, I love being able to call myself a content creator! This month I didn’t focus as much on getting income, I only put up a few affiliate links here and there and a full blog post with affiliate links when I got super excited to be in the Amazon Affiliate Program.

I focused mostly on setting up everything, from learning WordPress along the way, to make it through Mailerlite automation, understanding the Pinterest algorithm to drive traffic to my blog, and time went by quickly.

My goals for this month won’t be too high, I just want to keep it steady, September will be big for me, I’ve got a lot of exams to study for and I will be moving out to a bigger place soon, we all know how time-consuming looking for a place and moving out can be.

So, I’ll keep on posting every 5 days, will continue focusing my efforts on Pinterest, and hopefully will get some bucks this month with Adsense or affiliate sales, fingers crossed!


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