14 stay at home date ideas to spend this Valentine’s Day


These are weird times, with all the chaos going on around the world, seems like romance is not that important.

But here we are, 2021, and a few days until Valentine’s day.

The general advice is to stay at home, and to be honest, is the smartest thing to do.

Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring at all, here I’ll bring you 14 date ideas to try and show your love that you care.

Even in the hardest times, there’s always a way to make a bright day.

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1. Cook their favorite dinner

Sometimes it is as simple as that, if you’re good at cooking then indulge your sweetie with a special dinner.
Buy a bottle of champagne, light up some candles and make their favorite meal, celebrate life and love.
For some extra credit decorate your dining as their dream destination (Paris, Rome, Santorini…) there are more ways to travel than just by plane.

2. Send them an invitation for an elegant reception.

Dress up, take some beautiful pictures together, and put on some music to dance to.
It’s a party of 2, you choose what to wear, drink and dance, enjoy yourselves all night long.

3. Watch some happy foreign movies

Ah, the beauty of French movies… A night watching Amélie for the 815.376th time is a night well spent for me.
Similar movies you might enjoy are The Science of Sleep, Mood Indigo, Midnight in Paris, The Great Budapest Hotel.
(Not all are French) but they have this happy colorful vibe that makes you forget about everything for 90 minutes.

4. Make your room classic cheesy romantic

You can’t ever be wrong with this one, go with the heart-shaped balloons and the pictures of you two all over the place.
Light some candles, play romantic music and throw some petals on the bed, open a bottle of champagne and you’re good to go.

5. Have a picnic on your patio or balcony

Throw a blanket on the grass and order some take-out food, if it’s too cold outside make the picnic in your living room.

6. Give them a Free-pass to a Spa day:

Put some relaxing music on, and lower the lights, use aromatherapy to make a 5 senses experience. Pamper your sweetheart and relief stress, you both will enjoy this one even if you’re the one giving or receiving the massages.
Learn to give a nice massage, get some facial masks to try on, and finish this relaxing night with a bubble bath.

7. Learn a new skill together

You know that thing you’ve always wanted to learn but never find the time to sign up for classes?
Get the tools you need and sign up for online classes, almost everything is up to online platforms today.

8. Plan your next vacation

Make it feel closer by researching and discover all the places you want to visit on your next trip.
Read reviews about restaurants, find the best places to take pictures. You can even find local events to attend on the date you plan to go.
Make it as detailed as possible, what to wear, where to stay, how many days, make a schedule and a budget.
You can even plan your money-saving strategy to get there.

9. Have a karaoke night

Enjoy yourselves singing your hearts out, play your favorite songs and have fun singing along.

10. Bake some treats together

If you have a sweet tooth this will be perfect to indulge and have a fun time together.
Find a recipe you two will enjoy and get messy with cream, chocolate while baking the sweetest treats.

11. Watch the sunrise

This moment of the day is underrated, there’s such beauty in the colors of the sky, the sound of the world sleeping.
Immerse yourselves in this experience, feel gratitude for the new day that’s starting before your eyes.

12. Make a couple’s bucket list

This is a cute way to strengthen your relationship, making plans, and having goals to reach together.
Let them know you picture your future together and want to do amazing things by their side.

13. Wine/beer taste night

Are you wine or beer people? Go to your nearest liquor store and get the fanciest bottles you’d like to try. This is a fun and different way to spend the night together, get some cold cuts and cheeses to taste as well.

14. Try Couple’s Jenga

This is a fun spin-off of the Jenga game, that can get as romantic or as spicy as you want. Each brick you take from the tower has a question or a dare for your sweetie.
You can check it out on this blog post if you’re curious for a more detailed description and the resources to DIY.

Enjoy your night with your loved one, cherish these tiny moments, and make great memories together no matter if the world is falling apart.

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