The absolute cheapest way to start your blog today for ONLY $21,10


Blogging There you are, looking at the checkout page, the promising $2.95 transformed into $106.20 because to get the great deal you have to pay for 3 years of hosting.

THREE freaking years, I don’t even know if I’ll be writing for half a year!

You don’t know how many times I went into the checkout page before jumping in until I found this, it’s a deal that you can’t miss.

Hosting + Domain one single bill of $21.10 and you’ll have your site up and working for a whole year. It takes 5 minutes to have WordPress installed from your cPanel account and the whole process it’s pretty much stress-free.


The Cheapest Web Hosting

The cheapest hosting package you’ll find on the internet is Stellar by Namecheap, Stellar is a shared hosting that offers 20 GB SSD (SSD meaning the solid-state will store your web) you can have up to 3 websites and working with cPanel is super easy from here.

In case you were wondering why is this so cheap, there is a difference between a shared hosting and a dedicated hosting, in a dedicated hosting you have almost unlimited resources, and your website is the only one on that storage place that is the host.

A shared hosting is like a building with several departments, your website has neighbors, other websites, you don’t have to know these neighbors, you won’t even notice they´re there, but the resources are more limited; see it as your first place when you moved out of your parents’ house, you had somewhere to start, it was small but it was your own space.

It is perfect for a first-time blog, for this reason, you’ll get the hang of the whole WordPress posting, the appearance of your page, writing, and publishing without the pressure of hundreds of bucks invested in it.


The Best Deal on Domain names

For a limited time on Namecheap, they are offering  .com  domains for only $8.88 the first year to get your blog running today! You only have to pay for one year, there are no sneaky conditions for the price.

Also, I used a little trick here to get this super price for the whole domain + hosting service for a year, you can do this too, use the coupon “COUPONFCNC” to get %20 off on your final bill, getting to a total of $21,10. I found that coupon on JoinHoney (it was a pretty quick search just out of curiosity, but I’d use that site again for coupons)

You’ll have to pay just once and have a full year to tell if blogging is your thing without having to invest so much money if you decide to continue the renewal is simply done from your dashboard or you can upgrade to a better plan later (when you’ve made some income)

I don’t even have affiliate links on this post because I was truly so excited to share with the world what I found that I couldn’t wait for the approval of my account on ShareAsale.

Edit (08/04/2020) Only 3 days after this post my account on ShareAsale was approved and now I can get a small commission if you use one of my links to get Namecheap’s amazing deal! 


Step by Step: Buy the Cheapest Website ever

  1. Go to the “Search Domain” bar on Namecheap
  2. Choose your super awesome domain name and add it to the cart
  3. A menu will appear below the domain name offering you the Stellar Shared hosting, add it to the cart
  4. Select Checkout and Apply your Coupon COUPONFCNC on the sidebar
  5. Fill in your payment information and register on Namecheap (if you haven’t done this before)
  6. You are the owner of a brand new website CONGRATS!

Create your Web Presence


Take Action Right now

If you’ve done plenty of research on this topic, and the idea of finally getting your own website excites you, you have to take the jump, you’ll never be prepared enough, there will always be things out of your plans; for instance, this wasn’t the first article I was planning to post, and I’ve been thinking about this for almost 4 months now.

But the thing is to start where you are with the resources you have and keep improving day by day. If you want to write, you’ll become a better writer by the 20th post; if you are a business owner and want to start building an online presence you’ll get the hang of it once you start doing it.

how to get your blog the cheapest way

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