Change your life before it sends you a wake up call



Life can be so easy when you have the right mindset when you do what feels good, and I mean to really have your mind at peace.

Procrastination, laziness, and constantly blaming everyone and everything else for your problems, that doesn’t feel good. Powerlessness is a heavier weight than the size of your real problems.

You’ve probably heard this before, that you are in complete control of your life and you decide where to lead it. I’m here to encourage you to assume control before life hits you in the face because when it does, it hits hard.

My wake up call

It was a regular afternoon, the only difference was that one of my twins was coming out of a flu, I was resting upstairs because I was more tired than usual after a row of sleepless nights.

We heard one of them talking, waiting for his brother to reply, there was no answer, he’s probably still asleep.

They have this thing when one of them wakes up before, he tries to wake the other to play.

But something different happened this time, we heard a gagging sound, not natural, we immediately went running downstairs thinking they could be choking, when I saw my kid my heart stopped: he was having a seizure.

All my previous medical knowledge went off the window, dad grabbed the kid and gave him first aid.

It was a simple febrile seizure, it lasted around 2 minutes, he didn’t have any noticeable symptoms before, his temperature raised too quickly in less than half an hour, and according to me he was healthy, his brother was the one with the flu and I did my best not to have him caught it.

Thankfully it was a random episode. He’s better now, I just have to keep a close eye to the fever.

The guilt

Seeing him like that was the most terrifying experience I had as a mom.

After it was over and he was stable, I was sitting in the hospital waiting room, crying, feeling guilty, because they could’ve had a better immune system if I had given them more fruits and vegetables, and they wouldn’t have caught the flu.

I know I can cook more nutritious food, if I just stop telling myself I’m a terrible cook, I’d have more energy, I could finally get back in shape if I start exercising, now that I have the time.

Ever since I quitted my job I’d been on this toxic hiatus where I didn’t do anything, even though I knew I had the time I wanted to do stuff.

I realized how my voluntary powerlessness was stopping me from living the life I want.

How to take back control of your life?

I was already doing homework to understand how to take back control of my life, but it happens sometimes that we stick to the theory and not really act upon that, even if we are motivated by a book, a speech, a story and truly believe we can do it, we just keep waiting for the right moment.

There’s no right moment, there’s just right now.

Here are the steps I took, and I’m slowly regaining control of my life.

1. Get inspired, read, accept help and guidance

Self-help books are undervalued for many of us, I know that was my case until I really needed help and didn’t want to make such a big deal out of it.

I first looked for motivation to study and stick to good habits and ended up reading a bunch of books that changed my way to see life and my role in this world.

Some of the books that inspired me:

I promise to write a book review and insights from all these books and how they had helped me change my life. If you’ve been thinking about reading any of these, I give you my word they are so worth your time.

They’ve helped me in many different aspects of my life, and I’ve seen unexpected connections between some of them.

If you just read one of these books and start implementing it into your life, you’ll start to see the change. It takes action, to see change.

2. Believe in yourself

There’s nothing crazy about your dreams, when you sincerely listen to your heart the answer to all your problems is in there.

Following your instincts and trusting yourself is an everyday training that will become easier day by day, you’ve got an amazing power inside of you just waiting to emerge.

Connecting with your creative energy is the mindset I was talking about before, I had an eye-opening experience when I was reading The Secret, I have many posts to come around the Law of Attraction and the power lying within all of us.

If you need a little push on this subject, definitely read that book.

3. Stop complaining

Once you’ve taken in the fact that there’s energy surrounding us, and the more you focus on something the more you’ll attract it, it will be easier for you to consciously try and stop the negative thoughts.

You have to realize that you’re hurting yourself with self-doubts, feeling of worthlessness and that toxic self-talk your mind takes on you, complaining about not having enough will set you on the mindset of scarcity and you’ll see it everywhere, and it goes a long way with every complaint you may have.

4. Be grateful for what you have

Instead of focusing your energy on those things you lack, be grateful for the things you do have, it can be as simple as being able to read, break down everything involved in the act of reading right now, and practice this:

  • I’m grateful for my eyes that allow me to see these words.
  • I’m grateful for the education I received that allow me to read.
  • I’m grateful for my hands that are holding my device.
  • I’m grateful for the device I’m using that allows me to connect with the world.

You can try this and go from small to big, there are so many things to be grateful for, and when you start seeing the world through this mindset you’ll find more and more good things appearing in front of you.

4. Make a plan for action

This is probably the most elaborated part of regaining control of your life. You have to decide the route you’ll be taking your life on, why would you want to do it, and how it will improve your future self.

Write down every aspect of the person you want to be and go through your day as that person.

Focus on one aspect of your future self life and make small improvements everyday.

Setting a specific time frame to accomplish determined goals or to acquire a habit will make it easier to follow up through your efforts.

A 12 week period is a good start to see constant changes in your life and make any adjustments necessary to the plan.

Having this in mind I created the “12 Week for a New Me” Habit tracker, a simple design to keep track of up to 6 habits at a time on a weekly basis, there’s a motivational quote or affirmation in every week and a space for you to write your own thoughts. You can get it here, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Have constant reminders of what you are supposed to do, whether they are physical like habit trackers or journals or digital, like a social media account destined to document your journey.

There’s so much more to write about this, but in my next post I’ll be talking about how to create the action plan to take control of your life and start living the life you deserve to have. I hope this first insight was helpful.